Python API and 'execute' will stuck on my command

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Python API and 'execute' will stuck on my command

Postby renn0xtek9 » 1. Oct 2018, 21:53

The Virtualbox python API has a bug: when I try to launch something like (on a Ubuntu 18.04 to a Ubunut 18.04)
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It won't execute, and will freeze the termainl session on the host.

Interestingly it works fine from a Ubuntu to a Windows 7

line 138 for more code
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Re: Python API and 'execute' will stuck on my command

Postby noteirak » 25. Oct 2018, 03:36

The Guest additions (required for this) have their own session on the guest, which means it will not magically link to your GUI session nor display anything in it, especially without any DISPLAY environment variable set.
The call gets "stuck" because the command is executed, the process is most likely running (check with top or ps). Until the process exists, the call will not terminate.
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