How I can get ServerReturnValue return value?

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How I can get ServerReturnValue return value?

Postby Noxi » 25. Jul 2018, 04:26

Hi everybody!

I'm learnning about vbox internals but I dont understand how get the return value when I call an expand opcode function. I can see in source which the ServerReturnValue function is used, but I dont know how get that value.

For example:

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void SERVER_DISPATCH_APIENTRY crServerDispatchGetProgramiv( GLuint program, GLenum pname, GLint * params )
    GLint local_params[1];
    (void) params;
    cr_server.head_spu->dispatch_table.GetProgramiv(crStateGetProgramHWID(program), pname, local_params);
    crServerReturnValue( &(local_params[0]), 1*sizeof(GLint) );

The function crServerReturnValue use CrNetworkPointers writeback_ptr and return_ptr finally use crNetSend, so I think I need any kind of callback in guest side?, but I'm a noob :'(

Sorry for my english, and thanks for readme.

Best Regards,
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