PHP Howto use CloneMode

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PHP Howto use CloneMode

Postby VBoxDeveloper » 18. Jan 2018, 15:01

I'm trying to clone a virtualmachine
The idea es a complete duplication (with new MAC's)

The machine is created as follows:

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$newMachine  = $this->virtualbox->createMachine(null, $cloneName, '/Clones', $originalMachine->OSTypeId, null);
$cm = new CloneMode();
$result = $originalMachine->CloneTo($newMachine, $cm->ValueMap['AllStates'], null);

The result is always the same:

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PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught SoapFault exception: [SOAP-ENV:Client] Validation constraint violation: invalid value in element 'mode' in vboxServiceWrappers.php:3465

Any hint for me?
Thanks in advance :)
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Re: PHP Howto use CloneMode

Postby noteirak » 18. Jan 2018, 15:04

As the error suggets, you didn't pass a valid clone mode. See the IMachine::cloneTo reference for order of arguments and their acceptable values.
Getting a new CloneMode instance seems wrong, I would think you need to use one of the properties of the static class instead.
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