HostNetworkInterfaces - TypeLoadException

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HostNetworkInterfaces - TypeLoadException

Postby Benne » 18. Jul 2017, 13:15


I'm playing around with the API to start and stop Virtualbox with C#. All is running fine, but now I tried the following:

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VirtualBox.VirtualBox vb = new VirtualBox.VirtualBox();
IHost ihost = vb.Host;
HostNetworkInterfaceType t = HostNetworkInterfaceType.HostNetworkInterfaceType_HostOnly;

This results in a TypeLoadException for the type VirtualBox.IHostNetworkInterface.
Anyone ever had such an issue?

I'm running VBox 5.1.22 on Win 7, but same result on Win 10.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards
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Re: HostNetworkInterfaces - TypeLoadException

Postby noteirak » 22. Jul 2017, 03:46

Please provide all the required information as per posting guildelines.
I have a feeling there is some kind of missmatch somewhere...
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