Missing VBoxRT-x86.dll

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Missing VBoxRT-x86.dll

Postby Aries » 25. Nov 2013, 16:45

Host OS: Windows 8 64 bit
IDE: Visual Studio 2010 Express
Language: C++
Virtual Box Version: 4.3.2 r90405

It seems obvious from the error displayed that I'm missing this VBoxRT-x86.dll when I create an instance of ISession as follows:

rc = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_Session, /* the VirtualBox base object */
NULL, /* no aggregation */
CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, /* the object lives in a server process on this machine */
IID_ISession, /* IID of the interface */

I tried looking for it on the web, but no luck finding it. Do I need it? Or should I change my compilation target to x64?

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Re: Missing VBoxRT-x86.dll

Postby frank » 26. Nov 2013, 14:35

Right, the problem is that you are trying to access the interface with 32-bit while your Windows installation runs at 64-bit. We will fix this eventually but for now, use the 64-bit interface.
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