vBox end user automation

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vBox end user automation

Postby vBox_Auto » 10. Oct 2013, 08:35

Hi Experts,

I am trying to automate my application initialization and configuration happening in vBox.
Basically i want to automate the end user activity, here are the steps.

1. Import an appliance
2. Click "Start" from the Vbox manager --> a console window opens
3. In the console window, I want to provide input when there is a prompt and I want to verify any notification that comes in the screen.

I am using a python based automation tool (pYWinAuto), through which I cannot verify notifications or check if there is a prompt. Because the tool doens't identify the text in the console window.

Is there any API through which i can get the text that are running in the guest window?
do you have any suggestion on how to automate this activity?

I want to run this automation in a nightly mode, please post your comments/suggestion.

Thanks !
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Re: vBox end user automation

Postby mpack » 10. Oct 2013, 10:43

I deleted your cross post in "Linux Guests". Cross posting is against the forum rules.
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Re: vBox end user automation

Postby vBox_Auto » 11. Oct 2013, 06:40

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Re: vBox end user automation

Postby noteirak » 13. Oct 2013, 18:59

Virtualbox is a hardware emulator, anything OS-level or above will never be present within the API.
The only thing that made it through is the guest control feature, but requires the guest additions.

If whatever you are trying to achieve is available from a command line without access to the GUI (see Known Limitations), then you can do it.
Else, you will need to have a host part and a guest part in your deployement tool.
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