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Memory capture

PostPosted: 11. Sep 2013, 08:47
by got_fr

is this possible with virtual box api to capture memory input output in the virtual environment?

My final goal is to capture data send to an ISA card by a program in the virtual machine and then send it somewhere else....

Thanks for help or way of search...

Re: Memory capture

PostPosted: 12. Sep 2013, 08:46
by noteirak
AFAIK It is not possible to do something like that.

Re: Memory capture

PostPosted: 12. Sep 2013, 11:25
by got_fr
ok thank you for the clear answer ;-).
if it's not possible via the api, is there any body who hear about a kind of plugin to do that? A colleague say to me he ever hear about such a thing for parallel port
but we can't find it anymore.