IMouse for sendmessage

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IMouse for sendmessage

Postby TigerZZ » 26. Jul 2013, 04:13

Hi all

I'm trying to control mouse. Normally SendMessage do the trick.

But inside VirtualBox. the SendMessage doesn't work.

So, I have tried to use VirtualBox API. And now I got some problems.

I can get the running machine's state by using IMachine's get_State to determine the running VM.
But how can I attach to it's session to get console then using get_Mouse to get IMouse?

Or there is another way to IMouse easier?

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Re: IMouse for sendmessage

Postby noteirak » 26. Jul 2013, 11:14

But inside VirtualBox. the SendMessage doesn't work.

Do you try to run your code inside a VM?

You really don't give much information, please read API Discussion Forum - Posting Rules
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