Failed to register machine! rc=80004005

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Failed to register machine! rc=80004005

Postby wuzf » 25. Jul 2013, 15:45

Hello, everyone.
today,I encountered an error,when I create a vm and register it, it failed, and error code is 80004005.
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rc = pVBox->RegisterMachine(machine);
if (NS_FAILED(rc))
     printf("Error: Failed to register machine! rc=%08X\n", rc);
     return -1;

host system: ubuntu
VirtualBox version: 4.2.14
A few days ago, i successed to create a vm at same environm.
what reason?
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Re: Failed to register machine! rc=80004005

Postby noteirak » 25. Jul 2013, 20:22

Can't do much without the full code I am afraid...
Also, give the error message, not just the return code please.
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Re: Failed to register machine! rc=80004005

Postby rousseauhk » 31. Jul 2013, 10:03

Duplicate machine ID? You said you created the same machine a few days ago...

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