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HGCM Service

PostPosted: 17. Jul 2013, 19:42
by akjuturub04
Hi all,

I am planning to develop a HGCM service. I have a dll with VBoxHGCMSvcLoad defined. How do I start the new service? Do I just place the dll in "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox"? Are there any other set up instructions? How and when will my dll be loaded? I didn't find any set up instructions. Please provide me some pointers. Can I make the dll be loaded automatically every time virtualbox is started?

My Setup information:
Virtual box and API version: Version 4.2.12
Host OS: Windows 7 64


Re: HGCM Service

PostPosted: 18. Jul 2013, 12:43
by noteirak
Unless a dev comes by and answer your question, I don't think anyone has the answer on the forum.
I would strongly recommend asking your question in the Dev Mailing list, where you'll reach the devs directly.