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API Discussion Forum - Posting Guidelines

PostPosted: 7. Feb 2013, 23:07
by noteirak
This forum is all about developing using the Virtualbox API, regardless of the language, as long as it is part of the API package.

We assume that anyone posting in this section will have prior experience with programming and dealing with APIs.

When posting any issue or advice with the API, please ensure you include the following information :
  • Virtualbox version you are connecting to
  • Virtualbox API version you are using
  • Connection type (Webservice, XPCOM, MSCOM)
  • Language used
  • OS under which your program should run
  • Standalone code that show what you are trying to do

Finally, make sure you Include any code using the [ code ] tag if not too long, else attach the source file as a zip.
Make sure your code is readable/documented, can run without dependencies and is self-sufficient.
In case of a specific issue, you would provide a single class with the main method and the code to run to reproduce your issue.
Make sure you provide all output for any issues, including full stacktrace.