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Zoinks for VirtualBox

Postby declay » 2. Aug 2017, 01:04

I'm a big fan of VirtualBox. I'm also paranoid about protecting my VMs ;-) I've created a simple java tool called Zoinks for VirtualBox to backup any VM (running or not). This software is free to use without restrictions and is Beta quality at it's present state. Eventually I will likely open source it. As a developer, I use it to backup my on VMs daily so I have some confidence in my own setup. It's been well tested for Windows and Linux hosts. I'm starting to test it on Mac as well.

I'm looking for anyone who is will to try and use it for their own purposes. I will take all feedback/criticism / request for features into account. Again, no cost is involved other than your time.

Product Page: http://www.zeromachine.net/products/zoi ... virtualbox
Support Email: zoinks@zeromachine.net
Instructions: Request the archive password via email.
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