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Virtual Disk Mounting tools

PostPosted: 25. Oct 2014, 17:52
by ChipMcK
Available tools for mounting virtual volumes on your Host

For hosts Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or above (32 or 64 bits):
search ImDisk Toolkit

For hosts OS X 10.7 Lion and above:
search Paragon VMDK Mounter up to ElCapitan
DAEMON Tools for Mac SnowLeopard and up

The owning virtual machine needs to be shutdown before using the tools
Quit the tool before opening/starting the owning machine

Updated 20141229: the next post is about a mounting tool for GNU/Linux
Updated 20180619: Add info for Browser App
Updated 20170824: "search . . . " urls. For the novices (look at who's writing)
Updated 20180615: Information for DAEMON Tools, versions for Windows, MacOS

Re: Virtual Disk Mounting tools

PostPosted: 26. Dec 2014, 14:16
by pillabichos
Also is possible on GNU/Linux

Searching 'How to mount a VirtualBox VDI image' on google the explanation is in first link.

Mod note: since "in first link" is not a unique long term identifier, I'm assuming this poster means this: ... vdi-image/.

Re: Virtual Disk Mounting tools

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2017, 23:41
by DemoneNero
Thanks for the info

Re: Virtual Disk Mounting tools

PostPosted: 19. Jun 2018, 23:31
by ChipMcK
Browser App "VMXray" to access contents of a Virtual Hard Disk
- FireFox and Chrome
- fileSystems: ext2, ext3, FAT, NTFS (as of 2018-06-14)
- No system OS installation

VMXray About
VMXray: Twitter

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