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PostPosted: 15. Apr 2014, 16:58
by ertanerbek
What is RemoteBox?
RemoteBox is a VirtualBox client. In essence, you can remotely administer (ie over the network) an installation of VirtualBox on a server, including its guests and interact with them as if they were running locally. VirtualBox is installed on 'the server' machine and RemoteBox runs on 'the client' machine. RemoteBox provides a complete GTK graphical interface with a look and feel very similar to that of VirtualBox's native GUI. If you're familiar with other virtualization software, such as VMWare ESX, then think of RemoteBox as the "poor man's" VI client.

My mind that is really useful software for manage VirtualBox from Remote Linux...

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PostPosted: 20. May 2014, 13:11
by ertanerbek
1.8 Released

Change log

1.8 (16 May 2014)

- Added option to automatically start chosen guests when the host system boots.
This requires some server side configuration before it can be used. Consult
the RemoteBox manual for more information.
- Added option to set the start delay on an autostarting guest so that guests
can be started up in a specific sequence if required.
- Added option to set the shutdown type on a guest when the host is shutdown
- Added VirtualBox preference to set the location of the autostart database
- Snapshot Tree: Moved 'current state' underneath the most recent snapshot in
the tree
- Added state icons to the snapshot list, which indicate if a snapshot is an
online or offline snapshot
- Optimized list handling in several places which should improve performance
and remember selections on list refreshes where practical.
- Added additional information when a storage medium is selected in the VMM
- Added additional guest keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl-Alt-(F4, F5, F6, F8, F9,
F10, F11)
- Added ability to add, remove and edit NAT Networks via the VirtualBox
preferences menu item. Port forwarding rules must be configured elsewhere
for the moment.
- Added option to set the network attachment type in the guest settings to
'NAT Network'. These are named NAT networks which are subtly different to
just 'NAT'.
- Added option to set the snapshot folder location for a guest
- Added OS icons for various editions of MacOS X.
- Added support for guest groups. Groups are shown in a tree-fashion which is
somewhat visually different to VirtualBox. Setting guest groups is fairly
rudimentary at the moment requiring you to enter the group in the form of
- Added 'Expand All Groups' and 'Collapse All Groups' buttons. The last used
button is remembered for subsequent refreshes of the guest list
- Fixed some Windows guest icons.
- Fixed a bug when creating Host-Only networks. An associated virtual DHCP
server wasn't getting created which would cause invalid object references and
ultimately made the Host-Only network feature useless.
- Fixed a bug when entering folders in the remote file chooser that denied
permission but the location was still updated. Now also warns that you
don't have permission to enter that folder
- Fixed a bug where a medium would be masked out in lists if another medium
with the same name existed.
- Fixed a bug where the Video Memory could get erroneously pegged to 1MB on
the first opening on the settings dialog.
- Inaccessible guests are now filtered from the list of guests and a warning
issued in the message log. RemoteBox has never handled inaccessible guests
well and for the most part the cause is generally the user manipulating
guests without VirtualBox's knowledge.
- Various GUI tweaks

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PostPosted: 9. Jun 2014, 14:52
by ertanerbek
1.8.1 released

1.8.1 (8 Jun 2014)
- Minor update to fix a SOAP versioning bug experienced by some users
- Bundle an .appdata.xml file for packagers which wish to use i

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PostPosted: 31. Dec 2018, 02:32
by oddsocks
2.6-RC1 is available which supports VirtualBox 6.0.0