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VBoxTrinket : Manage Headless VM's gracefully

PostPosted: 21. Nov 2013, 18:59
by Steven Hernandez
VBoxTrinket is an OpenSource project that manages VM's gracefully and automatically at start-up and shutdown for you.

This is specially good for when you want to manage VM's from a server and to have them headless, and there will
be no need to worry about it, because it starts up by its own and shutdowns by its own gracefully.

And its simple to use, just install the software, a Windows Service and a Tray App will get installed.
Just go to the tray app configurations and add the names of the VM's exactly as listed in the VirtualBox Manager
and viola! Now the service will manage those VirtualMachines for you. Also you can start/stop the service from the
Tray App.

I would greatly appreciate any help to make this project's code more robust. Below is a link to the sourcecode its OpenSource in Github,
and also the project installer in CodePlex,SourceForge, or GoogleCode.

I love virtual box and this
is something I know some might find very useful as a tool to work with.

Please feel free to use it, and send comments, reviews in the websites provided.


Links to download the installer:

Link to SourceCode:

Re: VBoxTrinket : Manage Headless VM's gracefully

PostPosted: 21. Nov 2013, 19:29
by Steven Hernandez
Adding Pictures to explain how it works.

Showing the Tray Icon menu..png
Showing Tray App Menu
Showing the Tray Icon menu..png (18.73 KiB) Viewed 5815 times

Configuration Window Explained..png
Configuration Window Exposed
Configuration Window Explained..png (40.18 KiB) Viewed 5815 times

VBoxTrinketService in ServiceManager.png
Showing VBoxTrinketService in Service Manager
VBoxTrinketService in ServiceManager.png (39.24 KiB) Viewed 5815 times