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[Windows] VMTransferFiles - transfer files Host <-> Guest

PostPosted: 18. Oct 2012, 16:20
by AlexanderK
VMTransferFiles, a tool for VirtualBox is used for transferring files between Host OS and Guest OS via the Explorer context menu.
It also supports Drag'n'Drop from the Windows Host to Windows Guests.

Inside Host OS run setup_host.exe and follow the Installation instructions.
Inside running Guest OS mount GuestSetup.iso, run setup_guest.exe and follow the Installation instructions.

Usage is simple, inside Host OS copy the files and/or folders you want to transfer to the clipboard.
Inside Guest OS right-click the destination folder.
In the context menu that appears, choose "Paste files from the Host OS Clipboard"
You may transfer files from Guest OS to Host OS in similar way.

License: GPLv2

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