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guest additions not working

PostPosted: 6. Aug 2019, 20:08
by danbet
Hello everyone!

I have a ubuntu 16.04 host and i'm running ubuntu 18.04 guest OS on virtualbox. I'm trying to run commands to control the VM through the host using VBoxManage. Starting up the vm works fine but when I try to do a command as such
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  VBoxManage guestcontrol "ubuntu" run --exe "/bin/ls" --username "root" --password "abcde"
I get the following error:
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VBoxManage: error: The guest execution service is not ready (yet)
VBoxManage: error: Details: code VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80bb0005), component GuestSessionWrap, interface IGuestSession, callee nsISupports
VBoxManage: error: Context: "WaitForArray(ComSafeArrayAsInParam(aSessionWaitFlags), 30 * 1000, &enmWaitResult)" at line 938 of file VBoxManageGuestCtrl.cpp

I've looked at other forums but nothing seems to work :( . It was also working initially but when i tried it a few days later it stopped working with the error above.

i've attached the log for reference

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: guest additions not working

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2019, 23:53
by socratis
VirtualBox VM 5.1.38_Ubuntu r122592 linux.amd64 (Feb 28 2019 11:52:28) release log
00:00:06.261204 VMMDev: Guest Additions information report: Version 6.0.6 r129722 '6.0.6_KernelUbuntu'

You have two problems:

  1. It looks like you're using the Ubuntu fork version of VirtualBox (5.1.38_Ubuntu). You can either ask in their forums/channels for help, or completely remove/uninstall/delete/purge their version and install the official version from the Linux Downloads section of VirtualBox.

  2. Not only you don't have a matching version of the Guest Additions (GAs) installed, but you have the forked version installed. You need to update the GAs after you install the official VirtualBox.