Lubuntu 18.04 & resolution issues

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Lubuntu 18.04 & resolution issues

Postby exharris » 28. Jul 2019, 09:22

Windows 10 host, Ryzen 3600 CPU, Geforce GT 710 graphics card.
Guest : Lubuntu 18.04.
2 monitors connected, VM set up for one only (intend to have it on the right hand monitor)
When the Video mode is set to VMSVGA (default), I cannot get the correct resolution (1280x1080). When I install guest editions, I get the error below popping up

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VBoxClient: Failed to get display change request. rc=VERR_IO_BAD_LENGTH

Wehen I restart the system, I still do not have the right resolution avbailable in full screen mode.

However, if I open the VM with the graphics mode set to VBoxSVGA, I do get the correct resolution but the graphics performance is much much slower

Does anyone have any advise?
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