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Fedora 30 Guest Shared Folders

PostPosted: 19. Jul 2019, 18:57
by Rcihard
I have been using Oracle VB for a couple of years (thanks for the product). I use a fedora host and have both windows and fedora guests. When I upgrade to fedora 29 a bit ago it was an issue getting the shared folders in the fedora guest to be visible. In fact, the problem returned with each large update of fedora 29. I muddled through with a combination of <usermod -aG vboxsf> and reinstalling akmod-VirtualBoxin the guest, juggling guest addition versions, and when that did not work I finally released the guest iso and rebooted the fedora box followed by <Insert Guest Additions CD Image> - which worked.

I upgraded to fedora 30 yesterday.

The fedora 30 and 29 hosts with Windows 10 guests work perfectly after a giggle or two. However, the fedora 30 guests on fedora 29 and 30 hosts work great except for the shared folders. They simply will not appear in the fedora 30 guests. I downloaded and install the testbuild extensions and guest iso (6.11) and still the windows guest shared folders work fine but they do not appear in the fedora 30 guests. There are no error messages. The shared folders are set to automount and are permanent (machine).

I read a number of forums but nothing has has worked so far.

Re: Fedora 30 Guest Shared Folders

PostPosted: 19. Jul 2019, 19:48
by socratis
We need to see a complete VBox.log, from a complete VM run, where the problem occurs:
  • Start the VM from cold-boot (not from a paused or saved state) / Observe problem / Shutdown the VM (force close it if you have to).
  • With the VM completely shut down (not paused or saved), right-click on the VM in the VirtualBox Manager and select "Show Log".
  • Save only the first "VBox.log", ZIP it and attach it to your response. See the "Upload attachment" tab below the reply form.

Re: Fedora 30 Guest Shared Folders

PostPosted: 21. Jul 2019, 05:32
by Rcihard
Forgive me for the delay. I had removed all the linux guest boxes and imported and older export - I had to start again to get the data for you. The Linux Host is Fedora 30. The Linux guest here is running Fedora 30; VirtualBox 6.0.8; Extension Pack 6.0.8; Guests Addition Iso 6.0.8.

Re: Fedora 30 Guest Shared Folders

PostPosted: 21. Jul 2019, 07:34
by socratis
00:00:00.936741 VirtualBox VM 6.0.8_RPMFusion r130347 linux.amd64 (May 15 2019 18:16:14) release log
It looks like you're using the distro's fork version of VirtualBox. You can either ask in their forums/channels for help, or completely remove/uninstall/delete/purge their version and install the official version from the Linux Downloads section of VirtualBox.

00:01:25.729697 VMMDev: Guest Log: 02:56:36.390084 main VBoxService 6.0.8_Fedora r130347 (verbosity: 0) linux.amd64 (May 24 2019 17:37:55) release log
Same with the Guest Additions (GAs), they're the forked ones.