How to disable host LRO and partial CSUM for virtio-net

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How to disable host LRO and partial CSUM for virtio-net

Postby Jags1977 » 4. Jul 2019, 04:04

Running Oracle VirtualBox Version 5.2.18 on Windows 7. Virtual Machine with Fedora 30.1.2 is created. Linux Kernel is 5.1.0. Network Adapter configured in Virtual Box for this VM is Paravirtualised network (virtio-net).

When I try to load xdp eBPF program onto the interface, it fails.
[root@localhost bpf]# ip link set dev enp0s10 xdpdrv obj xdp_ip_filter_kern.o sec xdp_ip_filter 
Error: virtio_net: Can't set XDP while host is implementing LRO/CSUM, disable LRO/CSUM first.
[root@localhost bpf]#

I tried to turn off LRO and CSUM using ethtool from inside Linux VM, but they are fixed, and unable to turn off.
[root@localhost ~]# ethtool --show-offload enp0s10 | egrep 'summing|large' 
rx-checksumming: on [fixed]
tx-checksumming: on
large-receive-offload: on [fixed]
[root@localhost ~]#

[root@localhost linux]# sudo ethtool --offload enp0s10 lro off
Cannot change large-receive-offload
Could not change any device features
[root@localhost linux]#

The question I have is How do I disable host LRO/CSUM ? Should I change any configuration on the Windows Host where virtual box is installed ? or, Is there any configuration on the VirtualBox that would disable host LRO/CSUM ? Or is there any configuration file that I can provide on Host Windows that Virtual Box can read while launching the VM and lro could be disabled for the virtio-net interface ?

Any guidance is much appreciated.
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