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executables changing permissions while running

PostPosted: 3. Jul 2019, 22:44
by CptnPancakes
I am running a centos 7.6 guest on a windows host. When trying to run multiple instances of any executable from a shared folder (to include shell scripts) the first one will start but then change the permissions on itself such that a second attempt to start fails. This only occurs on executables in the shared folder between windows and centos. If I move the executables on to the guest partition then I am able to run multiple instances simultaneously without issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know of a solution?

Re: executables changing permissions while running

PostPosted: 4. Jul 2019, 18:25
by socratis
VirtualBox's Shared Folders present a very simplified file system implementation, just enough to read/write files from/to the guest. Many applications can error when using Shared Folders, because they expect advanced features, for example file locking, access controls, etc., which don't exist as a concept for Shared Folders.

I would use a a true network share (SaMBa).