Keyboard and mouse not working after installing GuestAdditions [Lubuntu 16.04]

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Keyboard and mouse not working after installing GuestAdditions [Lubuntu 16.04]

Postby Bananajoe » 11. Jun 2019, 20:18

Hello everyone,

finally I got my linux system work after a lot of issues with Quartus Prime and the build-in Eclipse and right after I thought installing VBoxGuestAdditions would be a great idea to have a shared clipboard. Sadly after the installation I realised that the mouse as well as the keyboard are not working anymore on the guest and I really tried hard to find a solution to my problem.

I started my guest in recovery mode and mounted the .iso in a dedicated folder to re-install the GuestAdditions package which didn't work.
right after i tried to remove the GuestAdditions with sudo sh ./ uninstall which did not work either.

I removed all USB filters and even tried to change from SVGA to VGA. Changing the display controller was not possible because this option is not available for me
(5.2.30 r130521)

I am pretty frustrated right now because the whole setup took me a whole day with troubleshooting of the software I want to use.
Is there any way to revert this installation and get back the functionality of my keyboard + mouse again?
I just don't want to do the whole setup again, I don't really need the shared clipboard - It would be just nice to have.

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