Setup nested Linux Guest inside Windows Guest

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Setup nested Linux Guest inside Windows Guest

Postby spyrosn » 26. May 2019, 10:13

Hi all, as the title says I'm trying to set up a Linux guest, inside a Windows 2016 Server guest. I have tried both with Ubuntu 16.04 Server and Debian, with the same result, or lack thereof.

The business case is, I have a VPS and want to set up a couple of nested virtual boxes to play around. I've already successfully setup a 32-bit Windows XP box with VirtualBox, so I know it works in principle.

I've set up a new box with the following properties: 1 CPU, 2048MB RAM, PAE/NX enabled so that the kernel doesn't complain, VT-x disabled (mandatory, as Nested Hyper-V cannot be enabled in my setup).

I understand I can only use 32-bit versions, so I've downloaded the relevant isos. So I'm now trying to install the server, I'm getting past the first screen where it gives me a set of options one of which is "Install Server" or "Begin Installation" or something to that effect, and as soon as I hit Enter, I get a blank screen, and that's it.

I'm attaching the VM logs (some personal info was removed) for the Debian installation.

Would you guys be able to provide me with any insight please?
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Re: Setup nested Linux Guest inside Windows Guest

Postby socratis » 28. May 2019, 04:11

Γεια σου Σπύρο,
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Nested virtualization is currently supported only on AMD CPUs, not Intel ones. And yes, you may have successfully installed WinXP inside another VM, but that doesn't mean that all OSes will be able to run in a nested environment, even if they're 32-bit.

For example on my OSX host I can't even run a FreeDOS VM, it goes to Guru Meditation...
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