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Installing RHEL 8.0

PostPosted: 10. May 2019, 02:25
by toracat
If you are planning to install RHEL 8.0 that was just released, you may want to read this Red Hat article:

RHEL 8 VirtualBox Quick Install

Note especially that you should not select "Server with a GUI" during the installation. I was not aware of this, so was not able to boot in GUI (later fixed it). Other than that, all seems fine with the installed OS. My host runs VirtualBox 5.2.28.

Re: Installing RHEL 8.0

PostPosted: 27. May 2019, 15:45
by JoergK
Hi toracat,
And thanks for the link.

I'm running RHEL 8 in VirtualBox 6.0.8 r130520 (Qt 5.6.1) with VBoxGuestAddtions-6.0.8. Seems to work fine.