Set up a VB Ubuntu Proxy between two VB Ubuntu

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Set up a VB Ubuntu Proxy between two VB Ubuntu

Postby ata1704 » 5. May 2019, 15:45

Hi. I try to get a project done for school.
My teacher wants me to get HTP2 traffic visible. The hard thing is to get traffic decrypted. So that's what my problem is right now...
And if I write "with ssl", I call the website with htps (cannot write it with double t, because I'm not allowed to post websites...)
VB1 is the Client(, VB2 is the Proxy( and VB3 is the Server( Gateway is
I installed Apache,... on VB3 and also got SSL working. So for example I can access the info-page (with SSL) from all VBs.
I installed mitmproxy von VB2 and configured it as described on mitmproxy website (transparend mode).
I also got the Client to use the certificate of mitmproxy and trust it. I also include the pem file in the firefox pem library.
Now I change the Gateway of the Client to the IP of the proxy ( in the system settings of ubuntu.
But nothing is happening in my proxy. Mitmproxy is not showing any traffic. But I can still open (with SSL) using the Client.
Could it be, that Virtualbox somehow managed to still use the other Gateway (

I also tried bridge mode and set up manual IPv4 settings in Ubuntu (Client) and change the gateway to the new IP of the proxy. This way I can also view facebook/google,... but with the same problem, that the proxy is not showing any traffic.
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