Guest additions cause graphical hang on Ubuntu

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Guest additions cause graphical hang on Ubuntu

Postby 7Up Man » 27. Apr 2019, 16:48

The issue:
  • The Ubuntu Desktop guest boots
  • The usual Ubuntu splash screen displays
  • The usual Ubuntu graphical login screen displays
  • The exact behaviour varies slightly from boot to boot but includes:
    • mouse clicks being ignored
    • some screen elements not being displayed
    • sometimes keyboard navigation works (i.e. tab), others it doesn't
    • sometime all works really, really slowly
  • If I <Ctrl> <Alt> <F2> to get a CLI window I can log in and everything is fine

My environment:
  • Host OS: Ubuntu Server 19.04
  • VM Ware: 6.0.6, with the extension pack
  • Guest OS: Ubuntu Desktop 19.04, 64 bit, completely fresh install
  • Management interface: if it matters I use PhpVirtualBox to configure the machines as I have no other GUI and it is easier than VBoxManage
  • My server is configured as a headless environment, so I use RDP to connect to the Guest.

Other information of interest:
  • I originally started to have this issue on a Debian OS, it started to play up (in the same way) when I installed the Guest Additions. Taking them off fixed it, putting them on broke it; every time
  • I tried an Ubuntu guest because I understand that you don't need to install the Additions manually, it does it automatically
  • I have done a fair chunk of searching and cannot find the issue anywhere
  • I have tried many things and don't have a complete record, but I believe I had an Ubuntu Desktop 64 bit guest with the 5.2.X guest additions running on 6.0.6 ok. That OS image has been deleted now.

Any help and pointers appreciated.

Let me know if you need any more information, configuration files etc.
7Up Man
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