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Re: Fedora 29 Guest on Windows 10 Host

PostPosted: 8. Apr 2019, 20:20
by mpack
ffilz wrote:What drives the need to uninstall anti-virus? I'm sorry, that makes me really suspicious.

How about the fact that AV packages often behave indistinguishably from malware and are totally unnecessary on a Win10 PC anyway? Why is everyone's mental model of Windows security stuck in the Win98 era?

The time to be suspicious was when that snake oil salesmen tried to sell you unnecessary software.

Re: Fedora 29 Guest on Windows 10 Host

PostPosted: 9. Apr 2019, 01:02
by VBox_Fan_J
ffilz wrote:... Otherwise, I tried uninstall, reboot, install, reboot. Still got the same error. Frank
I got the same problem. I think it is related to the nature of the test builds (here's an excerpt of the comments on the page):

Installing Windows test builds: The Windows test build packages are working precisely like a usual VirtualBox installer packages, with one difference: they will not work (the error message will point to unsigned drivers) if you install them on Windows 10 if your system has UEFI secure boot enabled. To make these test build work you need to disable UEFI secure boot in the system's UEFI config.