Num lock? Still? Seriously?

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Num lock? Still? Seriously?

Postby notthere » 12. Jul 2018, 15:02

The following fixed this issue on a guest that I used previously:
(Google "martin van beurden virtualbox numlock weirdness" - not allowed to post links)

Today, I updated VirtualBox just in case before I set up a new guest.
But sure enough - the num lock bug is there again in the new guest. Great, so I have to use that command line hack every time for something that should have been fixed years ago...
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Re: Num lock? Still? Seriously?

Postby mpack » 12. Jul 2018, 15:25

It's an open source project, so feel free to submit a fix.
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Re: Num lock? Still? Seriously?

Postby michaln » 17. Jul 2018, 16:28

There's nothing to fix, it works as designed and the way VirtualBox customers want it.

Actually that's not quite right, there is something to fix. The documentation is wrong, claiming that the LED synchronization is off by default. It's on by default on the host OSes that can do it (Windows, OS X). Thanks for pointing that out, we'll update the documentation.
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Re: Num lock? Still? Seriously?

Postby sir wally lewis » 20. Aug 2018, 02:11

Just updated to 5.2.18

Now NumLock keeps turning on, and I have to keep turning off.

Never done that before.

What is happening?
sir wally lewis
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Re: Num lock? Still? Seriously?

Postby wye » 23. Aug 2018, 16:34

5.2.18 is interfering with Num lock! Whenever a new VM is launched, NumLock is turned OFF!
This is interfering with smooth operations of my Windows and Linux guests.
My Windows guests are already optioned to leave it as set by the host so as to inherit its host setting.
Now, it's being turned OFF so now, I have to turn it ON each time I launch a Guest!

My host is a Windows 7 Pro 64 DESKTOP!
My guests are Windows 10 Pro, Windows 7 Pro, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 and Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Mint!

Before 5.2.18, I could set NumLock once and its then-current setting would be inherited by each VM.
NOW, it gets turned off whenever a new VM launches and this affects host and other guests as well.

IMHO, this is TERRIBLE! Not EVERYONE uses as host, a Laptop with no 10-key pad!
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