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[5.2.0] OpenGL Warning: vboxCall failed with VBox status code VERR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW

PostPosted: 22. Nov 2017, 07:12
by KPeg

First, I tried Firefox after the upgrade of VBox 5.2 and I could not open up Firefox window at all. Rolling back to previous versions of Firefox would not work either.

Reinstalling Gnome desktop and everything did not help. I almost had to reinstalled the whole system to get things work.

Fortunately, I discovered that OpenGL is not working when I tested against 3D acceleration feature on my CentOS 6.9 Guest VM.

Initially, the upgrade of Guest Addition to the latest 5.2.1-118918 release via iso file would not work.

GUI Desktop looks okay but web browser like Firefox would never open up. Also, it stayed in memory forever and occupied certain CPU resources. I had to use killall to take those processes out.

With command like glxinfo, it pops up lots of replicated error messages as the subject mentioned above.

The following command would never work until I shut down the VM, turned off 3D acceleration feature and then restart again. Viola! Things work again!
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$ glxinfo | grep opengl

Once 3D acceleration is off, the linux VM behaves as it used to be. But, the thing is I really want to make use of OpenGL for graphic acceleration and so on. Can any VBox expert come out and fix this? :D

Re: [5.2.0] OpenGL Warning: vboxCall failed with VBox status code VERR_BUFFER_VERFLOW

PostPosted: 22. Nov 2017, 07:35
by torsitch
Yep I've tried pretty much everything and it keeps breaking my VM. The only solution that I have read that works with 5.2.0 right now is a guest additions package, so I will give that a try. I'm using MATE instead of XFCE which I was using earlier. Definitely has something to do with Ubuntu & Gnome. Regardless, even with guest additions working with XFCE, a lot of native Gnome and MATE programs didn't work. In this instance I'm using a 3.9 upgraded to 4.13 Parrot Security distro. I believe someone from Oracle has been looking into this since earlier today.

EDIT: Only thing that worked for me (just now) was to uninstall with VBoxLinuxAdditions uninstall. Then install the guest additions 5.1.30 you can google the directory of the main site and find it. This is with 3d acceleration on.

Re: [5.2.0] OpenGL Warning: vboxCall failed with VBox status code VERR_BUFFER_VERFLOW

PostPosted: 22. Nov 2017, 11:24
by mpack
I don't think we need another topic to discuss this problem.

See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=85559