nvidia driver on the guest

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nvidia driver on the guest

Postby mn » 9. Nov 2017, 22:06

There are many discussion about nvidia driver on linux guests. While it is not quite handy (or say not possible) to install nvidia driver on the guest, the question is that what should I do if I want to work with cuda toolkit?
I want to use a simulator which resides as a physical device. Therefore, I need to install the cuda toolkit. What is the solution then?
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Re: nvidia driver on the guest

Postby makh » 10. Nov 2017, 04:36


Currently the virtualbox forces the guest to use the drivers provided by VB itself.

You may try xen. It may allow you to do what you intend to.
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Re: nvidia driver on the guest

Postby mn » 11. Nov 2017, 10:20

That is bad... :( Is there are way to fix that? Is it possible to request for such feature?

VirtualBox is my favorite virtual platform and I have used it since v1. Other vm platforms have their own shortcomings. For example, transferring files between guest and host in Hyper-V is not as easy as VirtualBox. Moreover, it is not possible to bring up a virtualBox guest while Hyper-V is installed!

The same is true for Qemu. Qemu on windows is not as good as it linux version.
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Re: nvidia driver on the guest

Postby mpack » 11. Nov 2017, 11:09

It's a Virtual Machine. Guests require drivers for the VIRTUAL hardware, not host hardware. That is not going to change in any future version.
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