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DNS with Internal Network

PostPosted: 1. Dec 2010, 10:21
by deewanagan
I have setup an internal network between two VM. Ubuntu 9.04 and 10.10 are installed on the virtual machines. What i am doing is that one of the virtualmachines, the one with ubuntu 10.10, is being used as a router. I need all the traffic to be routed from that vm, coz it have internet connection and i want to test bandwidth sharing. i want to generate traffic from the Ubuntu 9.04. Now my problem is that i can't access the internet. the problem is with dns! because i can ping other ip addresses outside of the internal network, also i can ping google/yahoo ip addresses, but can't use the dns service. The ip addresses for the internel network is setup manually.

Can anyone help me get the dns service working ? :D


Re: DNS with Internal Network

PostPosted: 1. Dec 2010, 23:28
by Sasquatch
Check out dnsmasq. It's easy to set up. In addition, your question has little to do with VB, as you would get the same if you would build a Linux router for your home network.