Network install of RHEL guest fails to find host http server

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Network install of RHEL guest fails to find host http server

Postby kanedama » 10. Jul 2010, 18:38

My host is CentOS 5.5 with VirtualBox 3.2.4. I have bridged network connection to eth0. My host is serving RHEL6 beta on port 80. Firefox on my host can see the RHEL6 distribution just fine so I know that's working. I booted my guest with RHEL 6 CD using the boot disk I created. So far all is good. I configured the RHEL 6 guest with static ip address in my local subnet that host is in. I can ping the guest after it starts at the address I configured so I know the bridge is working. When I get to install method section I choose URL and provide the URL to the RHEL installation distribution. So.. here is what I have:

URL: with my guest addr defined as
The gateway on both is

When I select OK after putting in the URL the installation just sits and finally comes back with "Can't Retrive ./install.img"

I can't get a shell in the guest during the install to troubleshoot anything. All I get in consoles are various logs that are limited and not helpful at all. Since I can actually ping my guest from my host I know there is connectivity to my network and I would think the guest should be able to access the webserver.

Any suggestions????
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