Full CPU usage with MS-DOS or FreeDOS

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Full CPU usage with MS-DOS or FreeDOS

Postby theresonant » 11. Nov 2009, 17:45

Hello all!
I created two virtual machines, one with MS-DOS 6 and the other one with FreeDOS 1.0, and in the moment I start them, the virtual machine begins using an entire core of the processor, even when completely idle (CPU usage goes up to 50% on my Intel Core Duo, and the cooling fans go crazy - a bad thing on a laptop). I suspect this to happen due to the real-time nature of these two operating systems, since I also have a Windows XP virtual machine, which is very gentle on the processor (I barely even know it's running). Is there a way to keep the virtual machines for DOS-like systems under a certain CPU usage limit?

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Re: Full CPU usage with MS-DOS or FreeDOS

Postby Sasquatch » 11. Nov 2009, 20:52

That is unfortunately not possible. setting the CPU to idle mode is done through ACPI, something these OSses haven't heard of. Hence the full CPU load.
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Re: Full CPU usage with MS-DOS or FreeDOS

Postby vbox4me2 » 11. Nov 2009, 21:34

For such OS's there are tools like dos-idle, winwait, etc... TSR tools which still can be found on the web.
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