AltGR key not working with VRDP session

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AltGR key not working with VRDP session

Postby m0urs » 28. May 2007, 12:44

I run a Fedora 6 guest on a Win XP host system and access it via Microsoft RDP client. Within Fedora the keyboard "German without dead keys" is installed.

I have no access to all characters which are created with the "AltGr" key (e.g. the '\' or the '@').

It works fine when accessing the virtual machine directly on the host system.

Any idea?

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Re: AltGR key not working with VRDP session

Postby PauloLC » 25. Nov 2010, 03:34

Solution (it worked for me): changed the Compose Key (see for more information about the Compose Key) to anything other than the Right Alt (AltGr).

To do this in Ubuntu Karmic:

System>>Preferences>>Keyboard>>Layouts>>Options>>Compose key position>> [Choose here the key other than Right Alt (AltGr)]

You should now be able to write Level 3 keyboard symbols.

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