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auto-mounting of shared folders?

PostPosted: 18. Sep 2007, 16:50
by otis
does someone know a way how to automount the shared folders on linux guest startup with writepermissions for my useraccount?
I'm too lazy every bootup mount it manually...
thx a lot

PostPosted: 28. Sep 2007, 12:01
by siyuan
I got automounting working in Ubuntu 7.04, well sort of.

Edit /etc/auto.master, add your mount point, eg
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/mnt/vboxsf   /etc/auto.vboxsf   --ghost

Create a file called /etc/auto.vboxsf and add share folder entries, eg
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#foldername mount options                         host share name
hostshare   -fstype=vboxsf,rw,uid=1000,gid=1000   :share

Start /etc/init.d/autofs and you should now have share folders appear in /mnt/vboxsf

I still have one weird problem though, I can't change file permissions at all. Reading and writing as a user works fine.

PostPosted: 24. Oct 2008, 14:11
by nabamer.
Thanks, this worked fine!
I just had to apt-get install autofs (in Ubuntu 8.04)

Xavier (Calimo)

PostPosted: 31. Oct 2008, 11:23
by dave_c
I just create a link to application in /usr/share/autostart ,and put "mount -f vboxfs sharename mount-point" in the command line .