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ReactOS install/live cd not working

PostPosted: 11. Aug 2007, 19:28
by blowhorn

I've tried to install and run the live cd in virtualbox with no luck. I tried every possible OS type if that makes any difference.
Has anyone managed to install or run ReactOS in vbox? How?

I'm running ubuntu feisty fawn 7.04 as a host operating system
Virtualbox used: 1.4

PostPosted: 24. Aug 2007, 06:20
by krattai
This topic should probably be in the "Other" guests section.

Anyhow, the best I have achieved using the installation (not livecd) iso is getting to the boot menu. I set memory to 256MB and OS type to Windows 2000.

I did download the QEMU version of ReactOS and it works, so I would think that it could be made to work in virtualbox. The down side of the QEMU version is that while the network suggets its up and running, it won't get an IP and sets a standard CLASS B. No amount of configuration has allowed me to get it to work.

I suspect that if it can be made to work under virtualbox, networking would work.