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Mounting shared folders

PostPosted: 26. Jan 2022, 02:37
by twilliams_on
Is there a way to mount folders added as shared folders on VirtualBox?

Re: Mounting shared folders

PostPosted: 28. Jan 2022, 01:07
by twilliams_on
Specific I can use the automount feature, but when it tried to access it, it won't let me enter and username and password, just get invalid access message.

Re: Mounting shared folders

PostPosted: 29. Jan 2022, 12:38
by AndyCot
My notes for setting up Linux around this in my script to install stuff is:

# Run the following manually and then reboot in order to gain access to the Virtualbox Transfer directory
sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a $USER

If this does not work google "virtualbox vboxsf" and see if any of the articles/pages help.