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VM will not boot up after a disk resizing.

PostPosted: 22. Sep 2021, 00:18
by cfdancer0316
First off, I'd like to begin by posting a disclaimer that I am a total VM (and subsequently Virtual Box) noob. I know the extreme basics as I just started working with them last year for school. So if I mess up any lingo or go about posting for help all wrong, I sincerely apologize.

While working on a lab for one of my classes, I ran out of space on the VHD. My idiot self went to the virtual media manager and increased it from 10 GB to 20 GB. Now when I boot up my VM, it just stalls on a black screen. I really need some help, is there a way I can get out of this without losing my work? What can I do to fix this?

Some details:

- My host is a Windows 10 machine
- My guest/VM is running 64-bit Ubuntu

Reply with any more information that would be needed, I am quite in a pickle. Like I said, I'm a complete novice and am clueless.

Re: VM will not boot up after a disk resizing.

PostPosted: 22. Sep 2021, 03:23
by scottgus1
The running out of disk space is known to black-screen Ubuntu, on physical PCs as well as VMs. The Ubuntu desktop won't load if there is insufficient disk space.

After you increase the disk size in Virtualbox, you have to increase the partition size inside the VM. Then you log into the VM OS text-only, not starting a desktop GUI. Delete some files (I don't know how many MB) then the desktop will start.