[SOLVED] Can't Sign into Linux Guest VM

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[SOLVED] Can't Sign into Linux Guest VM

Postby robloxplayer307 » 27. Jan 2023, 21:16

Alright, so I did something wrong most likely . The current problem is that when I start the VM, I see the log in screen. I am able to put in the password, but when I enter, the VM restarts basically and it is a never ending loop.

Before this happened though, I was low on space. I was not able to do any operation and this included saving, writing, or even opening some files. I force closed the VM, and tried allocating more space. This was a mistake and afterwards the problem stated above started to happen.

Things I have done since then:
Changed Display RAM from 16MB to 128MB.

Log is attached.
Log file for Linux VM
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Re: Can't Sign into Linux Guest VM

Postby robloxplayer307 » 28. Jan 2023, 02:11

Alright, I have solved the problem. I sort of hinted towards the solution in my original post, but as I said the Linux Guest was not able to perform any operation, and that includes booting normally. There was not enough space to do so. The solution was clearing space. For the people that will look at this in the future, here is how you fix it.

Start the VM, right after starting hold Shift and you will eventually get to the GRUD menu. Boot into recovery by pressing Advanced Options for Ubuntu and then the recovery option. Click clean to run the auto remove command. Then go to root and you can start using the command line to remove unimportant files. I recommend using cd to maneuver and ls to view the contents of each directory/folder. You can then use rm to remove files, and to remove folders rm -r (this is a pretty powerful but dangerous tool be careful with it.)

If you want to remove everything in a directory except the directory itself, you can do rm * (optionally use -r to remove folders).
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Re: [SOLVED] Can't Sign into Linux Guest VM

Postby scottgus1 » 28. Jan 2023, 16:09

Glad you kept up the hunt and found a solution!

Ubuntu is known to go blackscreen if there is not enough free disk space to start the desktop environment. This happens in real PCs too.

Also see How to Resize a Drive
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