Kernel Panic

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Kernel Panic

Postby selami_bey » 17. Aug 2022, 02:29

I'm using VB 6.1.36 to run a Ubuntu Linux guest on my windows 10 host. However, while running the guest today firefox crashed after the crash I wasn't able to reboot the guest system again. I've searched the forums and the web for a while regarding the kernel panic error I'm getting but couldn't solve this issue. I'm a newbie with the VB and Linux so I'm pretty lost here. Any help will be greatly appreciated since I have important projects in my guest system. Thank you.
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Re: Kernel Panic

Postby scottgus1 » 17. Aug 2022, 04:24

One issue to handle: Not enough host RAM:
00:00:18.853610 Host RAM: 8076MB (7.8GB) total, 2991MB (2.9GB) available
00:00:19.102170 RamSize <integer> = 0x000000013f100000 (5 352 980 480, 5 105 MB, 4.9 GB)

Try reducing other host apps running, or reduce VM RAM size.

Other than that, I don't see anything wrong in the operation of he VM's 'hardware'. Try making a new VM with the same OS. If it boots, it could be that the OS inside the existing VM has developed a problem.
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Re: Kernel Panic

Postby selami_bey » 17. Aug 2022, 10:38

Thanks for the quick reply I created another VM with the same host and it seems to be working fine. I guess I'll try to recover my files from the problematic one.
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