Unable to install virtualbox guest addition

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Unable to install virtualbox guest addition

Postby Jeet Rami » 14. Apr 2021, 10:39

Hey Guys,

So I build a distro using LFS Project and use arch package manager, pacman and it's repos. And system use Sysvinit. I installed KDE as DE and it works properly. Now problem is I'm using my LFS in virtualbox and I want to install the guest addition but I'm getting some error. First time when I start installation of guest addition I get error "modprobe vboxguest failed" but then I manually run "modprobe vboxguest" and it solves that problem then it gives me some kernel error. Please refer below attached logs of it.

I already have linux-headers also. And the autoconf file which virtualbox guest addition is checking. I checked into my /lib/modules/5.10.17/ all the files are there in proper directory where it expected to be. I personally think it's a kernel module problem so I tried to build the kernel with virtualization option too but still it's not working. If it's a kernel module problem then please tell which menu config I need to select or share the config file which works for virtualbox. Any help would be grateful because I'm trying to solve this problem from last several days. Any help would be grateful.

Kernel Version: 5.10.17
Virtualbox Guest Addition Version: 6.1.18

Thank you in advance.
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Jeet Rami
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Re: Unable to install virtualbox guest addition

Postby scottgus1 » 15. Apr 2021, 17:39

Try this, the same concept for installing Virtualbox on Linux hosts applys for GAs in a Linux VM. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=101686

Also, a recent post (which I cannot find, aaarrggghh) says that newer 5.1something kernels need more development from Virtualbox. Try the test builds or wait for 6.1.20.
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Re: Unable to install virtualbox guest addition

Postby fth0 » 15. Apr 2021, 19:19

FWIW, VirtualBox 6.1.18 supports Linux kernel 5.10, but not 5.11. I cannot help you with the build error, though.
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