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AC'97 Audio on Windows Vista x64/Windows 7 guests

PostPosted: 20. Jan 2010, 14:53
by Technologov
Due to many user's requests I decided to summarize our knowledge and make this topic sticky.

NOTE:This info is no longer relevant for VirtualBox 4.x. For v4.x, just choose Intel HDA Audio controller from VM Settings.

VirtualBox emulates Intel AC97 Audio Codec chip. Some OSes don't have this driver pre-installed.

Affected OSes:
-Windows Vista 64bit
-Windows 7 32bit
-Windows 7 64bit

You need to download drivers and install manually.

Links: (30,002,195 bytes)

Alternative by mehtuus:

SOLVED: For error "No Audio Device Installed". After some time of searching the net, I was finally able to get sound working in my virtual Vista Ultimate x64 install. All that I had to do was install a driver for the VirtualBox virtual soundcard hardware. No reboot was necessary.

1. I went to

2. I clicked on "Downloads", then on "AC'97 Audio Codecs". On the downloads page I downloaded the file with the description "Vista/Win7 (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file)".

3. Once downloaded, I extracted the files and pointed the Device Manager driver installer to the "6303_Vista_Win7_PG537\6303_Vista_PG537\Vista64" folder. It found the driver and proceeded with installation. Once it was done the Device Manager refreshed itself and showed the sound card as installed and working.

I loaded up some sounds and everything was working excellent and sounded great too.

Please discuss in separate topic.