Set up Win 3.x with 1024*768 resolution

Re: Set up Win 3.x with 1024*768 resolution

Postby SuB-ZEro » 19. Jun 2011, 17:01

pascalgienger wrote:Your setuo does not work. Neither patch method of SVGA256.DRV gives the desired result. It is always AFTER the startup jingle where the mouse pointer gets as double as large as normally and it's sticking on the right edge of the screen - the screen is "too wide":


I am using Windows for Workgroups 3.11, AMD Network drivers for WfW (pci_ndis3), AMD network card emulation (Fast II and Fast III - both with the same result), Microsoft TCP/IP 32b.

That screen happens always _AFTER_ the startup sound. BEFORE the sound, the mouse pointer is at the middle of the screen witch itself is 1024x768 pixels in size - like it should.

I tried various CONFIG.SYS settings but still no go.

WITHOUT NETWORK (using win /n) it works without a problem!


I found out that not the complete Network makes the screen look so strange.

If you disable the sharing of files and printers, the screen becomes normal.

Network Options
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