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HOWTO: Tabbed interface (VMware-like)

PostPosted: 26. Dec 2011, 17:40
by Technologov
Those of you, who like tabbed interfaces, VirtualBox-on-Linux now can do this.

KDE 4.4 + Oxygen theme / window decorations - provides "window grouping". (Linux/BSD hosts only)

How-to use:
Enable "oxygen" theme in KDE4 Plasma Desktop, then drag window using middle mouse click (or right-lick on titlebar->"move window to group").

Speaking techically: this feature is of KDE4 Plasma Desktop - "oxygen" theme, rather than VirtualBox, still I believe many of our users will find it useful :)

Discuss here.

See screenshot:
Tabbed-Vbox-KDE4.png (240.31 KiB) Viewed 23313 times


Re: HOWTO: Tabbed interface (VMware-like)

PostPosted: 7. Jan 2012, 20:32
by Sasquatch
Compiz(-Fusion) can do it too. It's not KDE only. Just implemented differently.