Installing the Extension Pack on a Windows host

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Installing the Extension Pack on a Windows host

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How to install the Extension Pack on a Windows host:

First, download the correct Extension Pack (EP). The EP version must match all three version numbers of the Virtualbox version. Examples:
Virtualbox 6.1.12, EP 6.1.12
Not a match:
VB 6.1.12, EP 6.1.10

There is only one EP for all supported host types. Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris all use the same EP file.

You must close all Virtualbox guests and the main Virtualbox window. No Virtualbox processes can be running.

On Windows hosts, you must run Virtualbox as Administrator to uninstall or install the EP.
(This is because the default location fir the EP is in the install folder for Virtualbox, which is in C:\Program Files, and writing in that folder requires admin privileges. Windows might ask for administrator permission if you start Virtualbox normally when going to install the EP, but failures have been reported on the forum. Manually running Virtualbox as Admin sets up the proper permissions from the beginning.)

Move the downloaded EP file out of your account's private Downloads folder to the C:\Users\Public\Downloads folder.
(Running Virtualbox as Admin moves the running program into the Admin account environment, and it is possible that Virtualbox will not be able to see the regular account's private folders.)

Right-click the main Virtualbox window's icon, choose Run As Administrator. Provide UAC permission and admin password.

Open the File menu, Preferences, Extensions.

If you already have an EP installed that you need to replace, select it, then click the square icon on the far right with the red X.

On the far right, click the square icon with the green plus + :


Browse to the EP file in C:\Users\Public\Downloads. Select the EP file then click Open.

In the confirmation window, doublecheck you are installing the correct version of EP, and click Install. A license window will open. (Read it, of course... :lol: ) Scroll to the bottom of the license, then click I Agree.

The EP will install, and you will receive a confirmation window. Click OK to the confirmation.


Click OK in the Preferences box.

Close Virtualbox and wait a minute for the underlying VboxSVC.exe to close. Don't run virtual machines while Virtualbox is running as Administrator, it's dangerous.

Reopen Virtualbox and enjoy the Extension Pack!Installing the Extension Pack on a Windows Host