Can`t add a VBoxAddition.iso into a GNS3 VM

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Can`t add a VBoxAddition.iso into a GNS3 VM

Postby Davey2k26 » 5. Jun 2019, 03:14


I am trying to add VBoxAdditions into a GNS3 VM, when I do it I get a message described in the file 1 attached. It says that the machine has no optical drives.

When I try to add an optical drive another error appears which is described into the File 2 attached.

Why am I trying to install VBoxAdditions?

Well my real problem is that I need to find the full path in the GNS3 VM where the VBoxManage is store, some forums say that I need to install de VBoxAdditions in order to see the VBoxManage into the /usr/bin/ path.

Hope you can help me.

File 2.png
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File 1.png
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Re: Can`t add a VBoxAddition.iso into a GNS3 VM

Postby socratis » 5. Jun 2019, 07:56

You posted your question in the "OSX Guests" section. Why? Do you have an OSX guest? Doesn't sound like it. In order to better understand the problem you need to submit some more information. Please read the following: Minimum information needed for assistance.
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