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installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard

PostPosted: 4. Mar 2019, 07:45
by cat
I am trying to create a virtual machine running Mac OS X Snow Leopard an keep getting stuck at this point. What should I do??? The second image is my configuration for Snow Leopard

Re: installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard

PostPosted: 4. Mar 2019, 09:09
by socratis
OSX guests are only supported on Apple hardware (which you do not have). See: Important notice regarding Mac OS X as Guest and ch. 3.1.1 Mac OS X Guests of the User Manual.
Mac OS X is commercial, licensed software and contains both license and technical restrictions that limit its use to certain hardware and usage scenarios. You must understand and comply with these restrictions.

In particular, Apple prohibits the installation of most versions of Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

These license restrictions are also enforced on a technical level. Mac OS X verifies that it is running on Apple hardware. Most DVDs that accompany Apple hardware check for the exact model. These restrictions are not circumvented by Oracle VM VirtualBox and continue to apply.

Also, consider changing your favorite internet search engine. There should be plenty of results about this issue on these forums (all of them locked, hoping that someone will get the hint), but the search engine you're using now, does not seem to return any results for some reason.