Is Tiger supported in VBOX 6.0.2

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Re: Is Tiger supported in VBOX 6.0.2

Postby michaln » 3. Mar 2019, 23:31

socratis wrote:@okiuss
okiuss wrote:The present CPU settings are:
Please avoid setting the registers directly, that was the old way of doing things. The newer way is to set the "cpu-profile":

    VBoxManage modifyvm "<VM name>" --cpu-profile "Intel Core i7-6700K"
    VBoxManage modifyvm "<VM name>" --cpu-profile "Intel Core i7-5600U"
These two should work fine.

But definitely not with Tiger guests (in case that wasn't obvious to everyone). In fact even that Harpertown Xeon X5482 is too new for the really old 10.4 kernels.

Users have no practical chance of installing the earliest Tiger releases. Start with at least 10.4.7, that's when there were Mac Pros an XServes and the OS was no longer bolted to a single chipset and a tiny handful of CPUs. 10.4.7 was the first semi-sane x86 release and just needs faking a sufficiently old CPU. It can then be easily updated (even today) to 10.4.11.

Starting sometime midway in the 10.6 (Snow Leopard) series the CPU support was expanded such that it covers most modern CPUs. Until then it was very, very picky and crashes on anything not really old.
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