Guest OS Snow Leopard Host OS Sierra

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Guest OS Snow Leopard Host OS Sierra

Postby Swiftly » 22. Jan 2019, 16:15

Hello all,
I made a post last week about this and was informed that the hackintosh would not work and i needed a install disc so i accomplished that! Now i have another problem i have install disc 10.6.3 snow leopard i used disk utility to create a master cd/drive image to create the .cdr i created a new VM in VB version 6.0 using all default settings i have tried 32bit and 64 bit options and receiving an error message still waiting on root device. My host machine specs are Macbook air early 2015 1.6 ghz intel core 15 4 gig ddr3 intel HD graphics 6000 running sierra. any help is appreciated and i am new to virtual box thanks alot!

Okay Update after doing another image of the entire cd drive instead of just the install max osx it will boot on 32bit and 64 to installation screen but i receive an error saying osx cant be installed on this machine. seems like i need to do some terminal commands adjusting my cpu profile possibly from reading other threads i am just unsure which to do as always thanks for the help!
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Re: Guest OS Snow Leopard Host OS Sierra

Postby socratis » 24. Jan 2019, 08:37

00:00:01.981421   GuestCpuName            <string>  = "Intel Core i7-6700K" (cb=20)
I see that you already tried some workarounds. Makes me wonder what else you've tried. I would like to see the "recipe" of the VM, the ".vbox" file:
  1. Right-click on the VM in the VirtualBox Manager. Select "Show in Finder".
  2. ZIP the selected ".vbox" file and attach it to your response.
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