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Postby NITRAM029 » 12. Nov 2018, 13:24

Cannot attach medium '/Applications/VirtualBox.app/Contents/MacOS/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' {1fcb438b-0528-46fe-b7f2-a52123c948ec}: medium is already associated with the current state of machine uuid {495c798c-2f0f-4376-885a-7cd1781924be}!.
Result Code:
IMedium {4afe423b-43e0-e9d0-82e8-ceb307940dda}

I'm new in using VIRTUAL BOX, please help me. There's no snapshots. I dont know what to do.
I'm using MacOS High Sierra . Please help me.

Im really new in this. please do respect
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Postby mpack » 12. Nov 2018, 14:02

Well, the error message seems very clear to me: you are trying to mount a CD image in a VM, which VirtualBox cannot do because you already did that.

I assume you're trying to run the Guest Additions installer: not every guest OS auto-runs programs when a CD is inserted. No problem, just browse to the CD contents inside the guest OS and run the GAs installer yourself. Unfortunately you left out mention of what the guest OS is so I can't say which installer you run. Hopefully it'll be obvious.

Incidentally, although you posted in "OS X Guests", I'm assuming that OS X is in fact your host, not your guest. If OS X was your guest then you'd be wasting your time, as there are no GAs available for OS X guests.
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